MODELLISTA body kits are manufactured in close cooperation with our professionals in planning, designing and quality management, along with our partners that manufacture products. Continued improvements are made through careful design and expertise at producing molds. The molds that are completed after a long review period are used by the molding machines to mold a variety of MODELLISTA parts, which are mechanically trimmed and perfectly shaped by craftsmen. The finely tuned parts have extraordinary quality.


Chrome parts are characteristic of MODELLISTA. After being molded and tuned, parts are plated and carefully checked in detail at special test booths. Only products that satisfy strict inspection standards are allowed to move to the next stage.


After checking and reviewing the paint color of the vehicle, we prepare and mix the most-suitable paint. Thus, we can offer suitably colored aftermarket parts that harmonize with the base vehicle. In the painting stage, craftsmen carefully mask and paint parts by hand. Each of the dried parts are manually checked for uneven painting and contamination so that even a minute defect can be corrected completely.


The finished parts that go through many stages are assembled by craftsmen. Special jigs are used to ensure perfect work during assembly. The emblem of MODELLISTA, attached to the body kit, is a certificate that the part has satisfied strict requirements.