Development Story

Targeting the best "One & Only" products with the wisdom of the planning, design and development teams to TOYOTA's new high-end SUV.

Realizing the comfortable driving pleasure with urbanized MODELLISTA styling challenged to create an unrivaled presence.


Brand New Look × Aiming Performance

Planner / Project Manager
Yoichi Tanahashi

To launch globally the best product was our core development theme.
How the users in the Middle East & Russian market drives and what are their favorite, their taste, we have finalized our design & spec while imagining them.

We have achieved eye catchy design, fun to drive and also prioritize a drivability.

The development goals are already clarified from the initial planning stage, activate our previous knowledge in each phase from design to product development.

As a result, we are able to improve the driving stability and steering control which was our one of the development goal.

I would like you to experience the "difference" between the original and our design & performance coexisted body kits.

A luxury car best suits "Perfection"

Designer / Senior Assistant Manager
Daisuke Motoyama

In terms of design, in addition to Land Cruiser's horizontal tone and calm impression, I wanted to make a major change to feel playful and dynamic.
To allow for more free and bold design, we have adopted the way of replacing the whole bumper instead of covering the part of bumper by the spoiler like we did before.

There were so many blocking points for the bumper replacement type but our design team spent a lot of time to make a perfect balance between the styling & structure.
By doing so, the bumper parting line will be flat and invisible, smarter appearance will make the vehicle more luxury and high perfection.

I hope the drivers to see and feel the integrated design by the actual vehicle.

The world of Land Cruiser and dynamism to pursue

Prioritize the first impression of styling while following the world of Land Cruiser by pursuing calmness & dynamism through the product. In addition, the styling is well known & visualized that you can easily eye catch from a distance.

Various portions are stand out in order to express our styling theme.

For the FR bumper, the central opening is not only simple square, we're aiming for a design which has an impact by achieving both solidity and lightness to the downward direction.

In addition, by matching headlamp design, we have inserted an L shaped fin to the side intake to be integrated with the vehicle itself.

For the black portion, we have insisted to express the styling of L/R fins in details to align with well build - in mesh shaped and the grille design to perfectly suit overall elements.

We have persistently stick on our study and also deeply insisted to the RR bumper design.

The balance between the body color and black portion is so sensitive, we have designed to give a lighter impression without compromising the profound stance of Land Cruiser.

For the black portion, we have designed the same mesh to align FR to harmonize the entire vehicle. In addition, the driving performance is visualized to easy understand the improvement by the diffuser shape.

The wheel design (styling) pretty much impacts the vehicle side view.
We have adopted one size larger 21 inch alloy to match up with our dynamic aero bumper.

Visually appeals even larger and keep the best balance by locating 6 spokes evenly from the wheel center and deep 3D modelling perfectly suit for Land Cruiser.

2 wheel colors are available and able to select from the user's favorite.
The machined contrasted spec gives an aggressive, sense of greatness & gorgeous look.
On the other hand, the matte black wheel gives an even stronger impression to the entire appearance. Also the sport look with the outstanding spokes.

At the development stage, achieving both rigidity & styling was really difficult. With the strong support from our wheel specialist team, we thoroughly analyzed the CAD data, and finally after the test driving, we have achieved the perfect design focusing on the functionality and compatibility.

Our products are now able to release globally with the confidence.

Planning, Design & Development, each teams takes on new challenges in each field, repeated "trial & error" and created "One & Only" as a team.
There are not at all compromises by looking the whole vehicle in details.

While taking the advantages of Land Cruiser's own strength & luxury, we expect you to feel the "Driving Pleasure" & "Sophisticated Urban Feeling" created by us MODELLISTA.




Precious White Pearl



  • REAR


  • Front Bumper Spoiler

  • Rear Bumper Spoiler

  • Cutting x Gloss Black

  • Matte Black



EXTERIORfor overseas

  • Front Bumper Spoiler

  • Rear Bumper Spoiler



  • 21inch Alloy Wheel
    (Cutting x Gloss Black)

  • 21inch Alloy Wheel
    (Matte Black)

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