MODELLISTA means Designer

Uncompromising commitment to design, which is the reason for being a Modellista.


Design with a sense of unity

The Modellista design always pursues "sense of unity".

The "sense of unity" here means "taking in the goodness of the vehicle design and making it even more prominent."

The overwhelming sense of unity with the vehicle enables gorgeous upgrade to a superior car.


Pursuit of modeling beauty

Using our unique design methods and state-of-the-art 3DCG technology, exploring the most beautiful looking shapes in every detail.

And that become the Modellista's urbane coolness seeing at glance.


No matter where you go or in any scene, Modellista gives off a cool presence and enriches your lifestyle.


Modellista has been in charge of customization
as a member of the Toyota group since its establishment,
and has achieved Toyota's world-class high quality
without impairing its outstanding design.

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